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Notice on the Holiday Arrangements for New Year's Day and Winter Vacation in 2021

To all departments:



According to the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Arrangement of Some Holidays in 2021 (GBFMD [2020] No. 27) and the national requirements for the COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, combined with the actual situation of the university, the time of winter vacation and arrangements of related works are as follows:



I. Vacation Time



 (I) New Year's Day: a three-day holiday from January 1 to 3, 2021


 (II) Winter Vacation: All students will be on vacation from January 15 (Friday), 2021, register from March 5 to 7, and take classes from March 8 (Monday). The faculty will be on vacation from January 20 (Wednesday), 2021, and return to work from March 3 (Wednesday).


 II. Relevant Requirements


 (I) Formulating the annual work summary and plan. In the light of the Notice on Formulating the Annual Work Summary and Conducting Performance Evaluation in 2020 (XOYZ [2020] No. 126), all departments shall earnestly formulate the annual work summary for 2020 and the working plan for 2021.


 (II) Planning ahead for the preparations of winter vacation and spring semester.


1. The Department of Academic Affairs shall further improve the teaching support plan, and enable various teaching preparations and support, as well as overall planning and preparations of teaching resources. All teaching departments shall release the class schedule to teachers and students, and complete presenting the teaching plan of the courses offered in the spring semester before March 5 (Friday), 2021. All departments shall flexibly arrange vacation work according to the preparation of teaching work to ensure smooth and effective teaching in the next semester.


2. The Student Development Office shall continue to comply with the requirements of the People's Government of Shaanxi Province and the Education Department of Shaanxi Provincial Government on "staggered areas, levels, periods of time, and peaks". It shall organize the students to orderly leave school in batches, and keep records of the information of students who leave or stay in the school in the mode of "one file for one person". The department shall make reasonable arrangements for students returning to school for the spring semester by formulating a work plan in advance. For students who are allowed to stay on campus due to various teaching arrangements, volunteer services, etc., the department that organizes or approves them to stay shall arrange for specially-assigned personnel to be on duty, responsible for student attendance during the vacation, safety management, epidemic prevention and control, and emergency response.


3. The Leading Group of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control shall improve the epidemic prevention and control plan, cooperate with the local health departments and medical institutions, and prepare for epidemic prevention and control drills, public health security education, and campus environmental hygiene inspections in the new semester.



 (III) Strictly sticking to the holiday on-duty system. During the holiday, the University Office, Graphic Information Center, and logistics group shall arrange staff on duty, and other departments shall arrange their work based on the actual situation. The staff on duty shall focus on their work and earnestly perform their duties. The university leaders taking personal charge of the shift shall monitor the university situation; the middle-level on-duty cadres shall stay on campus all day; ## all departments shall make duty arrangements in consideration of the university work and their actual situation. On-duty departments shall strictly abide by the on-duty system and fulfill their responsibilities; on-duty personnel shall stay in touch and keep on-duty records. In case of major emergencies or epidemic prevention and control incidents, they shall promptly submit a report and make a proper response.


The name list and telephone number of the personnel on duty during the New Year's Day holiday shall be reported to the University Office before 17:00 on Monday, December 28, 2020; and the name list and telephone number of the personnel on duty during winter vacation shall be reported to the University Office before 17:00 on Friday, January 15, 2021. (Contact: Tao Rui, Tel: 88298629).


 (IV) Effectively strengthening campus safety management and epidemic prevention and control.


1. Improving the campus prevention and control system. Relevant departments shall strictly implement the system of "daily report", "zero report" and "two-hour report" for special events. To strengthen the management of campus access control, the logistics group shall strictly abide by the requirements of the higher authorities and the university for epidemic prevention and control, and prohibit off-campus personnel and vehicles from entering the campus. The logistics group shall conduct temperature measurement, access verification and registration for the personnel entering the campus. In principle, the university does not undertake or organize any external activity during the winter vacation. However, if it is necessary, the undertaking department shall report to the General Office of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control one week in advance, and the activity can only be held after the approval of the Leading Group of COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control.



2. Strengthening the safety education for teachers and students. Before the holiday, all departments should focus on the education of epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety, personal safety, food safety, and property safety for the staff and students. Specifically, they shall guide teachers and students to improve their awareness of epidemic prevention and control, and avoid carelessness and fluke mind. In line with the national requirements on epidemic prevention and control, teachers and students should avoid unnecessary outings, trips to other countries or domestic high-risk areas, and cross-provincial tours. Those who have to leave their place of residence for other countries shall be approved by the relevant leaders and president, and report to the Human Resource Department for filing; those who have to go to a medium- or high-risk area in China shall be approved by the relevant leaders, and report to the Human Resource Department for filing.


3. Ensuring network security and public opinion monitoring. The Human Resource Department and the Student Development Office should keep track of the moving direction of the faculty and students during the holiday. The Brand Communication Department shall conduct a 24-hour monitoring of the online public opinion of the university, and process the online public opinion information in a timely manner to guide the public opinion. The Graphic Information Center shall strengthen the monitoring and maintenance of the campus network operation, and promptly handle and report the network problems found.


4. Strengthening campus safety management. Before the holiday, all departments shall carefully conduct a comprehensive safety inspection, including fire and anti-theft safety inspection, and eliminate all hidden safety hazards, so as to build a perfectly safe environment. The logistics group shall patrol the key areas, strengthen the inspection of safety measures like the prevention of fire, burglary, and accidents, maintain campus environmental hygiene, and carry out regular disinfection of guarding areas and security areas at all levels, in a bid to ensure campus safety.


We wish all teachers and students a safe and happy holiday!

Xi'an Eurasia University

December 23, 2020

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