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Notice on the relevant work of graduates leaving school in 2020

All units:


Our school insists on "student-centered" in the work of leaving school for 2020 graduates, focusing on improving information means, optimizing work procedures, improving service quality, so as to ensure the safe, orderly and civilized departure of graduates. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the relevant work arrangements for the education and service of leaving school for 2020 graduates are as follows:


1 Schedule


1 The time for graduates to leave school is from May 24 to July 20, 2020. The specific arrangement of leaving school activities is set by the youth communities and branches.


2 The time for graduates to leave school is from June 17 to June 30, 2020. Before July 20, 2020, graduates will go through the procedures online (mobile terminal: wechat pays attention to "Alumni Association of Xi'an Eurasia University" and replies "graduation leaving"; PC terminal: log in to "one-stop service platform" http://one.eurasia.edu/ )。


2 Work content


1 Create a warm and harmonious atmosphere for graduation.


Hang the road flag and put up posters in the campus to create a strong atmosphere of caring and seeing off the graduates. All units should combine with the actual situation and carry out a series of activities of "feeling grateful and feeling close to the alma mater" in various forms, so that the graduates can feel the warmth of the school again and enhance their love for the school. To advocate the theme of civilized and healthy school leaving among graduates, graduates should use their own practical actions to achieve "three stay", that is, "to leave a perfect impression for their alma mater, to leave a learning example for junior students, and to leave a good memory for themselves". Student party members and student cadres should play an exemplary and leading role in the civilized school leaving activities. All branches and communities should hold online theme class meetings and layer group meetings to educate and guide graduates to achieve "six no's" and "three ones" when they leave school: no drinking, no fighting, no shouting, no littering, no damage to public property, no graffiti in public places; give the last class, hold the last class meeting, sort out the last internal affairs, and put an end to the uncivilized graduates The act of leaving school.


2 Do a good job in the education and guidance of graduates leaving school.



1. Strengthen safety education. Strengthen the safety and civilized etiquette education of graduates during the period of leaving school, and maintain the good order of the campus. To educate graduates to strictly prevent all kinds of fraud and pyramid selling organizations to lure and resolutely resist cult and illegal religious activities; to strengthen the awareness of personal information security protection, and not to lend important certificates such as ID card (copy) and bank card to others; to establish correct consumption concept, refuse bad online lending, online bill swiping and training loan. All branches should guide graduates to find jobs safely, including carefully identifying the employer's information, carefully filling in the online job search information, preventing job fraud, and handling dispatch procedures in a timely manner.


2. Strengthen gratitude and integrity education. We should carry out Thanksgiving and integrity education activities, guide graduates to review their parents' gratitude, keep in mind the instructions of their alma mater teachers, cherish the friendship with classmates, enhance their sense of identity and belonging to their alma mater, and enhance their gratitude for their families and society. Through case analysis, community counselors can educate students to keep their promises and avoid the adverse effects of dishonesty on themselves and their families. It focuses on the repayment of student loans from students' places of origin, and carries out a special activity of "gratitude and credit repayment" for graduates. The school funding center should use the official account of micro-blog and WeChat public to push information about state subsidy policies, financial and credit knowledge, student loan process, provide advisory services and personalized guidance for graduates to repay loans, explain the importance of personal credit reporting, advocate the spirit of contract, encourage students to establish honesty and credit, enhance legal awareness, and consciously fulfill the state student loan contract. And take this opportunity to educate students to transform integrity education into conscious literacy and behavior.


3. Strengthen mental health education. All branches and youth communities should cooperate with each other, communicate in a timely manner, educate and guide graduates to face all kinds of problems and setbacks encountered in work, study and life with a positive attitude, oppose the extreme behavior of venting resentment and personal indignation in various forms, and do a good job of psychological health education for graduate students. Especially for the graduates who have difficulties in graduation and employment due to epidemic situation and other reasons, we should "one person, one case", and do a good job of psychological counseling through in-depth counseling, heart to heart talks, psychological counseling and group counseling. Carry out crisis investigation work in an all-round way, improve the emergency response mechanism, make plans, assign responsibility to people, respond scientifically and in a timely manner, and properly handle them, so that every student can leave school with a healthy and upward attitude, and enter into new work and study life with full enthusiasm and firm confidence.


4. Strengthen the education of epidemic prevention and control. Taking the "Patriotic Health Campaign" as an opportunity, we advocate health and civilized leaving school, and all communities supervise graduates to do a good job in dormitory sanitation before leaving school. The student apartment management center formulates and publishes the check-out process of graduates, seriously checks the dormitory property, and timely completes the check-out work for the leaving graduates. At the same time, we should do a good job in the knowledge education of epidemic prevention and control to ensure that graduates can go to new posts smoothly and safely.


3 Adhere to the "student-centered", do a good job in graduate service and management.


1. Do a good job in the management of graduate practice. Each branch school should keep close contact with the students who practice abroad and keep abreast of the graduates' situation at any time; the students going out for internship must sign the safety responsibility letter; for the students who practice in Xi'an, they should actively coordinate with relevant functional departments and do a good job in the management of interns' accommodation service.


2. Do a good job of caring for graduates. Community counselors should go deep into the student groups, play the role of student cadres and Party members, understand the ideological trends and living conditions of graduates, and help solve the practical difficulties encountered by students in a timely manner. Each branch and the youth community should cooperate with each other, focus on the ideological trends of students who have graduated or have not obtained a bachelor's degree, so as to achieve "one person, one policy" and resolve them one by one, so as to ensure the safe and civilized departure of students before July 20.


3. Tuition fee collection. According to the relevant financial policies of the school, all branches and youth communities shall assist the finance department in the collection of arrears, so as to clear the number of students in arrears and the amount of tuition arrears. Do a good job in ideological work of tuition arrears graduates, if necessary, can communicate with parents to ensure that the work of clearing arrears is completed before June 30.


4. Do a good job in confirming the loan repayment information of graduates. Every youth community should educate and guide the students to take loans from their source areas, cherish their credit records and repay them in time. Supervise and urge the graduates of the student loan from their places of origin to log in to the National Development Bank in time before going through the procedures of leaving school http://www.csls.cdb.com.cn To complete the online loan repayment information confirmation before leaving the school, so as to avoid affecting the personal credit record due to breach of contract.


5. Do a good job in graduate identification and file filing. Each branch college should regard the appraisal of graduates as an important part of graduation education, make a comprehensive, accurate and fair summary and evaluation of the performance of graduates in terms of morality, intelligence and physique, highlight the students' personality characteristics, and avoid "one side for a thousand people". All units shall, in strict accordance with the requirements of the notice on filing the files of 2020 graduates, complete the transfer of relevant archives of graduates before June 30.


6. Do a good job in guiding the signing of employment agreements. Before the graduates leave school, all branches should actively provide employment information to the unemployed graduates, and at the same time do a good job in signing the employment agreement, inform the graduates of the use of the registration card, household registration transfer certificate and other matters needing attention, and remind the graduates to properly keep the relevant certificates and report on time.


7. Do a good job in the service of graduates leaving school. All units should set up special posts according to the overall arrangement of school leaving work, guide graduates to handle online departure procedures quickly, and improve their satisfaction with campus experience. The archives office of the university is responsible for the mail, self delivery and retention of students' files according to the specific conditions of students' normal graduation and graduation. The logistics group should plan in advance and make proper arrangements to arrange temporary accommodation for students returning to school for graduation ceremony.


3 Job requirements


1 Attach great importance to it. Graduation education is an important part of College Students' education. It is necessary to ensure the ideological stability of graduates before leaving school, and it is also an important link for graduates to adapt to the society and realize their own value. All units should attach great importance to it, earnestly implement the concept of "student-centered", further enhance the service consciousness and strengthen the Department's awareness To improve the quality and efficiency of work, do a good job in the work of leaving school, actively help graduates solve the difficulties and problems encountered during the period of leaving school, so that students can leave school smoothly.


2 Seriously implement. All units shall, in combination with the actual situation, formulate their own work plan for leaving school graduates, pay attention to the time nodes for handling various affairs, carry out the management of graduates, education for leaving schools and the handling of procedures for leaving schools in an orderly manner, and report the summary of the work of graduate leaving education and relevant materials (electronic version) to the student development department before July 30. Contact person: Duo Ying, Tel: 029-88297843, email: xsc@eurasia.edu





1. Warm tips for graduates to leave school


2. Power of attorney for graduates to leave school



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June 17, 2020