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Notice of Xi'an Eurasia University on summer vacation arrangement in 2020


All units:



This semester is coming to an end. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work of superior departments and the teaching work arrangement of the school, the relevant matters of summer vacation in 2020 are hereby notified as follows:


1 Holiday time


1 The whole school students will have holidays in batches from July 15 (Wednesday) according to the teaching arrangement of each branch; the staff will have a holiday on July 27 (Monday).


2 The teaching staff will go to work on September 7 (Monday); the old students will report on September 12-13; the freshmen (including the Upgraded Undergraduate Course) will register on September 19-20, and the higher vocational education will register on September 25-26.


2 Holiday requirements


1 Make a summary and plan for the stage work. Before the holiday, all units should carry out stage work summary according to the requirements of the notice on carrying out the review of work summary in the middle of 2020 issued by the University, and timely adjust the work plan to ensure the smooth progress of the annual overall plan.



2 We should strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic situation in summer school.


1. Improve the campus prevention and control system. Strictly implement the "daily report", "zero report" and "2-hour report" system for special outstanding events. Strengthen the summer duty work, strictly implement the requirements of the first level school leaders on duty to monitor the school dynamics, and the second level middle-level cadres on duty to stay in the school for 24 hours. The school office, student development department, Enrollment Office, graphic information center, logistics group and other units shall arrange personnel on duty. During the duty period, the communication shall be smooth and the duty record shall be made. Please report to the school office before July 21 (Tuesday) (contact person: Tao Rui, Tel: 88298629). Other units can arrange duty as required.



2. Strict campus access control management. The logistics group should strictly implement the requirements of the superior and the school epidemic prevention and control work, and prohibit the off campus miscellaneous personnel and vehicles from entering the campus. We should do a good job in temperature detection, admission verification, registration, disinfection and other work. Students' apartments are managed in a closed way and checked in the morning, afternoon and evening. In principle, teachers and workers who come to work in summer vacation are not allowed to leave Xi'an. If they really need to leave, they must go through the examination and approval procedures. In principle, the school does not undertake or undertake all kinds of external activities in summer vacation. If it is really necessary to undertake such activities, the undertaking department shall report to the comprehensive office of epidemic prevention and control of the school one week in advance, and it can be held after being studied and approved by the school epidemic prevention and control leading group.



3. Strengthen the management of students staying in school. For students who are allowed to stay in school due to various teaching arrangements and enrollment volunteer services, the unit that organizes or agrees to keep students in school shall arrange special personnel on duty to be responsible for students' holiday attendance, safety management, epidemic prevention and control and emergency disposal; the logistics group shall provide corresponding service guarantee.



4. Carry out safety education for teachers and students. All units should focus on epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety, personal safety, food safety and property safety education for their staff and students. According to "one person, one file", the information account of school leaving students is formulated, the notice of leaving school is issued one by one, and the students are arranged to leave school orderly. Guide teachers and students to actively cooperate with the national epidemic prevention and control work during the holidays, improve the awareness of prevention and control, overcome paralysis and fluke mentality, reduce unnecessary going out, in principle, do not go to foreign and domestic medium and high-risk areas, do not cross provincial long-distance travel, and report to the school if it is really necessary to leave the residence. Students who do not return to school in the spring semester should be informed of the requirements for epidemic prevention and control at home in summer. We should timely send risk tips or safety warning to students and parents through information channels, and guide parents to cooperate with mental health education and physical exercise under the premise of epidemic prevention and control, so as to promote the overall development of students.


5. Do a good job in the prevention and control of enrollment epidemic situation. All staff participating in summer enrollment should improve their self-protection awareness and strictly implement the requirements of the state and school epidemic prevention and control. The Enrollment Office should take care of the psychological and physical health of the enrollment personnel, provide them with sufficient anti epidemic materials such as masks and disinfectants, and include the knowledge of epidemic prevention and control into the assessment and training contents of enrollment personnel. Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work should be strengthened.


6. Do a good job in network security and public opinion monitoring. The personnel department and the student development department should do a good job in investigating the trend of the staff and students during their holidays. The brand communication department should do a good job in the 24-hour monitoring of the network public opinion information of the whole school, timely handle the network public opinion information, and do a good job of public opinion guidance. The graphic information center should strengthen the monitoring and maintenance of campus network operation, and timely handle and report network problems.


7. Strengthen the management of campus environment. The logistics group should seriously implement the requirements of the notice on strengthening the prevention and control of food borne diseases in schools in summer (sjsjsjj [2020] No. 60) issued by the General Administration of market supervision and the Ministry of education, and carry out the detection and investigation of infectious sources of low-temperature stored food and refrigeration equipment in school canteens. Patrol the key preventive parts, strengthen the inspection of fire prevention, electricity prevention, anti-theft, flood prevention and security measures, do a good job in campus environmental health protection, regular disinfection of teaching area, living area and public area, so as to ensure the campus safety.


3 Do a good job of opening school in autumn


All departments should, according to the unified deployment of the school, promote the comprehensive restoration of education and teaching order while doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control. On the basis of continuing to implement the "wrong region, wrong level, wrong time and wrong peak", the student development department should formulate a work plan for students returning to school in autumn in advance, and increase the number of old students returning to school and new students' registration