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Internet Service

       Since 2004, Eurasia University has continued to invest in information construction to ensure the "three platforms" and the construction of digital campus, which fully realized the network, information and coordination of various business modules.

       The Learner Centered Teaching Integrated Management Platform has changed the traditional teaching management method, covering the main contents of the teaching and learning business of the university. Through the reconstruction and optimization of the educational process, Eurasia University realized the construction of the management system based on the "full life cycle”. Teachers and students use online computers or mobile terminals to conduct online learning, credit management, process assessment, learning group management, homework management, achievement management and other teaching affairs, which also provide a basis for teachers' performance evaluation and student learning process review. The integrated management platform, such as the public data platform, ROOMIS space management system and the one-stop service platform based on CRM, has integrated the financial, personnel, logistics, education, students and other basic data. Based on these effort, Eurasia University achieved a high-efficiency collaboration, and provided new learning and life experience for teachers and students.

        The construction of digital campus emphasizes on the amalgamation of information technology and the talent training model. Eurasia University has standardized all the business data through information sharing platform and integrated information service platform, which could also implement the information sharing and support of teachers, students and administrators. It also establishes and perfects the intelligent service system, which integrated and could cover the business of enrollment, study and practice, daily life, graduation as well as employment.

     Setting up a Learner Centered Integrated Teaching Management Platform

The new integrated teaching management platform, achieving the whole life cycle service management of students, as well as supporting the management and reform of different talent training modes, was completed and operated on-line formally in 2014. The new platform could also support the academic year and credit system, the total credit system and customize in accordance with its own characteristics and management mode, which could provide teacher and students with personalized teaching services and decision support services. The training plan for students could intuitively show the course learning map, in the meantime, help students choose their personal growth path and plan the direction of learning scientifically and efficiently, and lead to better promote students' autonomous learning ability. It also fully embodies the student-centered teaching idea, and as a guarantee for the constant reform of Eurasia University.

     Setting up a network teaching platform to support excellent teaching center

      In 2015, the Tronclass teaching platform, which was developed with a famous education technology company in Taiwan, was applied on-line, in order to follow the trend of mixed teaching and mobile teaching. The Tronclass teaching platform adapted to the learning characteristics of the mobile Internet era, and enriched elements for the universities to carry out mixed teaching. We can practice the network assisted teaching and flipped classroom teaching, as well as promoting the MOOC, SPOC based on this platform. Teachers could use this platform to do teaching management and training activities; to release the latest learning dynamics immediately; to help students control their learning process and realize the autonomous learning. At the same time, the platform breaks the learning way of time and place restriction, and creates a socialized learning atmosphere. Students can get the latest announcements, learning tasks, homework reminder and other learning trends dynamically, and learn progress at any time. Through the management mechanism and control system, the learning process of students, such as grades, attendance, homework, reading, download or online materials, is recorded. With the help of online homework, online tests, questionnaires and other online tools, teachers could understand students' learning status, and finish the process evaluation. 

    3. Set up the information support platform 

    In order to improve the support level of information service and make full use of the government's special funds, Eurasia University finishes the upgrade of campus network, realizing the spatial information management, and optimizing the school public data platform.

    1) Realize the information management of teaching space

    In order to further implement student centered concept, Eurasia University fully considered the effect of teaching environment on teaching, and started to transform the teaching environment gradually. The university also systematically supports the development of teaching by combining the basic construction with imported ROOMIS space management system. This system has all put into use recently for the new administration center and new teaching building. The teachers and students could use their own cards to open the classroom and book it. Eurasia University has fulfilled the integrated management of information between administration space and teaching space. 

    2) Build a public data platform and a decision analysis system

     Eurasia provides the basic data for the teaching management system, network teaching and space management through the public data platform. It helps the public data to be transferred on demand among various business systems in university. Meanwhile, Eurasia has also realized data accumulation and data sharing. Moreover, Eurasia University has established a public data and improved the quality of data through the establishment of system and process. It also provides data based leadership cockpit for decision support. 

    3) Complete the campus network upgrade

     Eurasia invests more than 4 million RMB to upgrade the network to support teaching and learning reform and improve network service experience. At present, the upgrade of the campus backbone network and the bandwidth expansion of the campus network export have been completed. The experience of the network application has been greatly improved. In order to further improve the application experience, Eurasia has started to make the whole campus covered by wireless network. At present, the wireless network coverage of the teaching area and administration area has been completed. And the coverage of the wireless network in the living area has also started. Teachers and students can access campus network at anytime in anywhere through their own account and use their campus APP services to have ubiquitous learning.

    4) Set integrated card service platform for both campus and society

      In order to further improve the campus card service level, more functions, such as payment management, classroom space management, school management and self-service management, etc. are added to the campus card. After the expansion of the internal application, the campus card is no longer a card only for food and beverage consumption and book lending. In 2014, Eurasia University started to deeply implement the construction of informationization. More new means of services are explored and provided. Working staff and students can use Wechat platform to check the balance and use Ali-pay to top up.

     5)Informationization of administrative management

      Till now, OA collaborative office system has established 52 application process, involving 11 administrative departments. At present, the overall application of the system still runs well, the administrative office efficiency has been greatly improved. The examination and approval time of the service process is shortened from 4-5 days to 1.62 days. Once the new online educational system is put into practice, the university will also add it into OA system, which will fulfill the deep integration of teaching and administration automatically. By fully integrating teaching affairs into business process management system, the strict assessment of KPI will be fully realized.

     6)Provide a new reception service experience to the freshmen

      In 2015, Eurasia focused on the construction of service platforms in many aspects, such as new services and wireless network applications. Through the analysis of new business process and requirements, market research and the product research and development, Eurasia formally launched the new generation of reception system in July 2015. After the system was launched, the university could provide various payment methods, including online, offline, e-payment and self-service payment, for the freshmen. The system can help the freshmen to solve difficult problems during their registration and reduce the complexity of registration procedures by providing them with clear reporting guidance, as well as improving the registering efficiency.